Elizabeth Claire Burr BA, ERYT


As a knowledge based Intuitive, my desire is to support your spiritual growth as a healer/teacher/guide, together bringing light to the path of awakening for the benefit of all beings. 


Having taken the Bodhisattva vow in the Tibetean Buddhist tradition, my deepest aspiration is to support all beings with wisdom and compassion and to practice this in the world as best I can. This has come to manifest in many forms; meditation and yoga teacher, co- director of a healing arts center, healer, kirtan leader, doula, mothering and sacred partnership. 


My first somatic lessons came as a 12-year-old in a body cast.  This time of immobilization was the catalyst that brought me to contemporary dance as a first healing modality. During my career as a professional dancer I was deeply influenced by the early pioneers of somatic education and spent many years listening, learning and sensing somatically from the inside. 

After a powerful spiritual awakening in my 30’s I became acutely aware of all the pain and suffering in the world around me. Simultaneously, I was guided to the profound realization that everything is Love. I actively sought out and found spiritual teachers that could help make sense of the experience I witnessed in my Self. Blessed with the great fortune to have studied with true masters from many complementary lineages, I am deeply committed to practicing and sharing these profound and uncommon teachings.


During my early menopausal years I was guided to uncover yet another deeper layer of healing. Here I encountered Essential Somatics and the powerful teachings of Thomas Hanna. This brought to light many of the unanswered questions I still had around the healing of my own personal trauma, as well as generational and collective trauma. There was a remembering of the intelligence of my soma, as well as current language and understandings around our brain / body communication and neural repatterning. With the brain and neural plasticity on board with the practice, I discovered that trauma can be released with loving presence, awareness and the processes of pendiculation and intraception. Consistent daily personal practice is foundational to all abiding transformation.

Training and certification that I have received include:

  • BA in dance and communication

  • Experiential Anatomy with Jane Ellison

  • Pilates teacher training Diane Miller

  • Iyengar yoga training with Maureen Cruthers & Claudia McDonald

  • Dancing the Body of Life ~ 5 year TT with Dona Holleman and Orit Sen-Gupta

  • Vijnana Yoga International TT 

  • Advanced yoga training with Gioia Irwin

  • Vajrayana and Nature of Mind teachings in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with Mingyur Rinpoche

  • Essential Somatics Movement Educator Training with Martha Peterson

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga TT

  • Experience Based Somatic Therapy

  • Advanced Energy Healing and Craniosacral Therapy in a direct apprenticeship / mentorship with Brian Finnie


I am guided to offer these teachings in formal Mentorship and Retreat formats,  uplifting locations that support deeper healing, spiritual inspiration and awakening. 


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In Love,