A Transformational Weekend Retreat for Women on Cortes

Join a circle of women who are ready to deepen into the transformative practices of Somatic Yoga, Meditation and creative exploration through Cedar Bark Weaving!

We are keen to keep this offering moving forward, so Amy and I have decided to shift dates to Saturday and Sunday thisMAY 4 & 5!

Fee ~ 225 + gst (11.25)

Date ~ Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5

Where ~ Tiber Bay room, Linnaea Farm, Cortes Island.

Time ~ 9am – 4:30pm

To Register ~ please send the full fee + gst by Pay pal or Interact deposit to info@elizabethclaireburr.ca

What is a transformational retreat?  It is a retreat where we learn to let go of our attachment to our unhealthy patterns or the habit of ‘un-enlightenment’ and move towards our healthy, happiest self. We allow the background of Presence that we are to come into the foreground of awareness itself and welcome the wholeness of our being, physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual to be brought into the light of awareness for integration and liberation. The practices we will do together are simple, eloquent and profound reminders’ of this Presence that we already are.

Somatic yoga – practicing and sensing from the inside.
Through gentle somatic movement and awareness we literally lay down new neural pathways to clear our brain / soma communication. This allows us to let go of past trauma and held latent impressions (samskaras) that may be standing in the way of our our freedom and flexibility in mind and body. By self sensing we reclaim our inner authority and begin to self actualize. Moving from contraction and pain to liberation and freedom.

Cedar bark weaving – creative meditation.
Weaving is a ancient form of sharing and meditation practiced by women all over the world and in all traditions. Weaving with sacred cedar bark, in a circle of women with Amy who is an inspired weaver and teacher is a profound healing unto itself.  She will introduce basic weaving practices and we will all go away with a cedar mat to practice our meditation on! I am so honoured to be offering this retreat along side my dear friend and amazing artist, Amy Robertson.

Accommodation is now available on site at Linnaea Farm for $30-60 a room.

NOTE In order to arrive in time for a 9am start on Saturday you will need to stay for Friday as well as Saturday night.

Please do let me know if you are keen to register for this offering now!

Your Facilitators ~

Amy Robertson
Amy began weaving in 2002 on Cortes Island with aged cedar bark found on the forest floor. Soon after, she learned the craft of willow weaving and combined the materials to make bike baskets. In 2011, preferring the flexibility and quality of cedar, Amy met a Haida Indigenous teacher in Massett that was willing to share her knowledge of both harvesting and weaving techniques. Since then, Amy has returned each year to study with Marlene Liddle, and now produces a variety of woven baskets, covers for bottles & books, placemats, card-holders and bracelets. Her work has been shown in Vancouver, and on Quadra, Cortes, and Vancouver Island. Amy teaches wherever there is interest, providing a range of materials, styles and projects to anyone wanting to explore their creativity. You can join her mailing list on her website at  www.amyrobertsonweaving.org

Elizabeth Claire Burr ERYT
After a spontaneous awakening in my 30’s, I actively sought and found healers, teachers and teachings that could help make sense of the experience I witnessed in my Self. I have since been actively practicing, and sharing these profound and uncommon teachings and have had the great fortune to have studied with true masters from many lineages.
The foundations of my practice and teaching come from the deep and committed practice, training and certification that I have received in the Vijnana Yoga tradition, Vajrayana teachings in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Essential Somatics movement educator training, trauma sensitive yoga, experience based somatic therapy and visionary craniosacral therapy.
My passion is to help women recognize the true essence of who they are and to bring this awareness into compassionate action in the world. Currently, I am being inspired to offer these teachings in retreat format, in nature based location that inspire and support deeper healing and awakening. 

If you are keen to learn more about other Transformational Retreats, workshops and classes, mentoring and private healing sessions you can join my mailing list on my website.


May our practice together benefit all beings!