Yoga mentorship 2109 is a practice oriented program based in the wisdom of embodied awakening. The body or soma is the living biological process that we are, it does not lie and is our sacred truth meter. Together we will learn to orient to this wisdom. 

Honouring the voice of the feminine ~ open to receive guidance and support from within ~   allow the still, quiet voice inside you to guide you to your intuition and higher self ~ heal through learning to trust your body and your somatic first person perspective ~  listen to and express the voice of the feminine to find balance and equanimity.

Deepen your practice ~ mentorship is the traditional way of passing spiritual teachings, this happens through direct transmission and in-person contact. We understand from a deep place, the power of touch, connecting with others and the language of the body. I am called to create a safe, consensual container to let go into this sacred learning together in spiritual community.

It is my aspiration that this program will guide you to awaken to your own inner knowing and authentic spiritual self. There are 8 billion different kinds of yoga in the world and it is my passion to empower you to discover your own. After a powerful awakening experience in my 30’s, I deepened into yoga as a way to ground back to my body and the world. I  bring a direct understanding of the yogic process and the importance of focussing on the foundational practices to facilitate a gentle, gradual awakening. The practices are all based in awareness: meditation, essential yoga, breath, sound yoga, somatics, tensegrity, traditional yoga postures and kriyas,  + self reflection and self exploration through the expressive arts.

I am very honoured to be offering this program along side my beloved colleagues ~ inspired visionary artists and facilitators who are keen to support the awakening of the divine feminine!

Cedar Waslewski
Lana Marie Willow
Helen Pattison
Traci Skuse

Join us! 
To gather with like minded spiritual aspirants who are committed to the path of embodied awakening and honouring the voice of the feminine.

Friday evening 6:30 – 9pm  + Saturday 9 – 4pm

Integration Studio Courtenay
Jan 25-26
Feb 22-23
Mar 29-30
April 26-27

Program includes:
4 weekend in-person retreats ~
Monthly sadhana –  practices
One private 30 min interview/ check-in by phone or skype
Audio practice support though out. 

To apply:
Please send me a short email of your intention to attend.
Please include your yoga, meditation experience, what you want to get from the program and what you bring to the program.
Send to

Investment  =  $824
EARLY BIRD –  Before Jan 15  =  $724 
* all fees include gst

Payment options: Please send half of the fee = $362 as a deposit to ensure your place in the program. The other half is due when the program begins January 25th.
Interact deposit, pay pal or cheque in the mail to reserve your spot!



“Love is the name we give to Consciousness when it reawakens to its identity with all things, when it recognizes itself in all things as all things”     Rupert Spira